Suspected ‘Islamist’ Attack Disrupts Dortmund-Monaco UCL Clash

On April 11, 2017, a series of three explosion near Borussia Dortmund’s team bus hours before their quarter-final match against AS Monaco left the entire country and travelling fans in a state of shock. Dortmund’s central defender Marc Bartra was the only player who got injured. The match has been rescheduled to be played on April 12.

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26-year-old Bartra was immediately rushed to a hospital after the explosion as the Spaniard suffered a fractured left-wrist(BBC)


Players and fans from both the teams have expressed their support towards the injured Bartra.

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The security outside Dortmund’s Signal Iduna Park was increased prior to the rescheduled match.

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As per the reports, a letter found at the crime scene adds the Islamic extremist hook to the entire incident. The letter states about German involvement in Syria. It specifically demanded the withdrawal of German Tornado [fighter jet] from Syria along with shutdown of the United States’ air base in Ramstein.  (Financial Times)

Frauke Köhler, the spokesperson for the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Germany, stated that two suspects of Islamic ethnicity have been taken into custody. (The New York Times)

Amidst the havoc caused by the explosion, Dortmund fans opened their doors for the travelling Monaco fans, providing them with temporary accommodation till the entire situation was under control.

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The rematch between Dortmund and Monaco took place earlier today, with Monaco having on the first leg of the quarter-final 3-2. The second fixture will be played on April 19 in France.

(Lead Image Source: ESPN FC)


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